Why is a question word that I’ve most frequently repeat. I’ve been always asking myself why almost since I had known the word when I was just little.

Why am I here on this earth?

Why was I born to a poor, middle class Egyptians and doesn’t it mean anything?

Why do I work as an IT and not a doctor or a lawyer?

Why is I Muslim and not Christian or something else?

Why does every religious person in any religion think that he and his fellow religious people are in the right pass and their dissident or on the wrong one?

Why is life miserable for some and fantastic for other?

Why is that the more I read the more I get confused while it’s meant to be the opposite?

Why are there always people out there who tell us what we should and shouldn’t do?

Why do we have people out there who preach what they can’t practice?

Why do religions exist?

There are endless questions in our life, have enormous number of answer. Any of which depends on your perception of life itself.

You can add your own questions, or put your answer to mine.