Equal right before the law.

We are living in Medieval Europe in 2011. Since who are considered themselves “High Muslim clerics and Christian cardinals and priests” lull us “Egyptians” into accepting Military coercion. I would like to say it loud and clear we demand our dignity, freedom and the rule of law that everyone, absolutely everyone is bound by it and no one utterly no one above it.

My dream is that we should all have an equal right before the law. That we are all feel safe from any internal or external threat. That we all praise our lord no matter who this lord is. That we need no permeation to establish our place of worship.
My dream is to make Egypt a place to live for God not a place to die for ignorance. For those who were murdered, and for those who manslaughtered no apologies, no matter how profound these will be, will bring you alive again. But all we can do to commemorate your sacrifices is full fill what you have died for.
A better Egypt for everyone, a better Egypt that is, all you murderers must be brought to justice and a democratic Egypt has to be established.
Once again thank you for your sacrifices and I’m sorry I haven’t done anything to protect you.