What it should be done. 

It’s really depressing that whenever we have an internal problem or issues something has to happen regionally to sidetrack us of solving our own.
It was reported in some western media as well as Egyptian ones that the ousted president, Hosni Mubarak, was recorded calling his friends in Israeli government for help by causing a kind of skirmish or attacking the border between Egypt and Israel so that he could crack down hard on the revolutionaries in Tahrir Square, which eventually led to his dethrone.
Six months later, an attack on Israelis by Palestinian terrorist group triggered the killing of eight Israelis and a counter cross fire caused six of Egyptian police, have nothing to do with either of them!, to be murdered.
It’s ironic, while we still, after eight months of the removal of Mubarak, under his regime as if nothing were changed. And yet we revolt for the honour of his soldiers. I know this may well raise few eyebrows or even led for some to stripping me of my nationality or causing me of being not Egyptian at all.
But before doing so, think of it, after all these months of mass demonstrations against Mubarak’s regime and seven month since the dethrone of him. What did the revolution practically gain? It’s easy to count a several gain achieved , which by the way are being stripped out one after another, and the most important of all hasn’t been met, and I don’t think it will ever be met within this military led council and government.
Some people call it a success. Nevertheless, I don’t call it so. With the imprisonment of thousands of civilian without “fair” trial or with military trial coupled with the slow pace of trial Mubarak and his cronies and the emergency law in existence and most of the regime felonies freely managing their businesses and holding their possessions on the top of the ruling pyramid as if the revolution hasn’t happened and accusing protesters of thuggery.

To be perfectly honest some people say we should express our anger against what happened to our fellow Egyptians at the border and they are absolutely right. But isn’t it strange that the military council didn’t bat an eyelid for what had happened? Isn’t it strange that the government of “ the revolution” didn’t withdraw the ambassador ?
It’s crucial to express and raise our opinion to both insiders and outsiders. Nonetheless, it’s equally important to pressurise the SCAF to give up its power, the ruling of Egypt and therefore the ruling of Egyptians to a civil government first, then and only then we as civilians can direct and lead this government to what best interests us either to adjust the so called peace treaty with Israel or put it on hold or even cancel it.
And let’s forget before we call of people to respect us that no respect will be paid for those who live on foreign aid. We have to get down to work for the benefit of ourselves and our nation. We must do what free nation do, which is work, work and work to feed ourselves from our hands and instead of migrating to other countries we must put all effort within this country so that not to be told what we should or shouldn’t do.