Watermelon and me!

It’s once said, “Marriage is like a watermelon, you don’t know what it’s like until you open it up.”
I love watermelon more than anything else even when, in some occasions, I get the white tasteless ones.
I love it as a fact of life :). May be because its resemblance of life as a whole or the future lying ahead of me. I’ve never thought to be what I’m today, for better and worse.

When I was a little younger, I thought I’d be a doctor then my interest in life shifted as well as my educational life deteriorated.

In fact, My dreams were changed  partly because my high school grads and party owning to losing aims of formal education as a whole. Not until 1998 did I find myself .accidently, having an interest in something rather than studying, which leaded me to be a human right activist involving in the release of the Secretary General, Hafez Abou Saeda, of The Egyptian Organization of Human Rights. Since then, I worked far and wide with different organizations, institutes and associations to promoting the right of dignity, Yes the right of being human being – no more no less.

I toddled at the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR), walked at the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights (ECWR), trotted at the United Group and dashed at The British council and glided through significant other respectable organizations utill I settled for sometimes at Internews MENA. However, since I left it, I’ve been peripatetic segueing from one place to another without me knowing what the future holds for me. That’s why I do love Watermelons no matter how disappoint I am when I get the bitter one, in a great hope for the next one to be much, much better than its formal on.